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Tarot and History.

One of the most powerful  sources of information comes from Tarot cards. Tarot card reading comes from within. The Tarot aids in coming in contact with and individuals ‘Higher Self’. Tarot  is not really meant to be telling us our future or fortune but gives us fantastic  guidelines. With the passage of time, it has become a mode of Fortune Telling. It has its own vibration and hence, draws people into its magical power of healing since ages now. It is believed to  have been  introduced in Europe first. There is no specific date but was  believed to be around 1401-1550 A.D. It was considered very sacred and related to’ Witch craft’, but with time as man understood it has nothing to do with it  the fear broke many years later. The first Tarot card was the Milanese Tarot  Deck from Northern Italy. As noted Tarot deck consisted of regular 56 card deck. This was used as playing cards. The cards were designed with the natural surroundings, Christian art of that era and other motives. As it got its acceptance some noble men started to design it with  gold and silver leaf background and with very rich cover and was expensive.

The Tarot card reading  gradually started to spread as a profession of ‘Fortune Telling’, much later in countries like Italy, England, Milan and gradually to America via trade. During 1701-1800 there was a great change that was noted in the field of Tarot card. During this period it was no more considered to be just a game but was treated with respect. In 1800 century the first Tarot Card for Fortune Telling was  developed as an occult science by Etteilla. Finally Tarot card as a mode of Fortune telling got its new face only in early 1900 Century. In addition to Fortune Telling, modern Tarot applications include soul -searching exercise and meditation for personal growth.

Best Tarot Card reader in South Kolkata

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a fantastic way to learn about many dimension of an individual. It is very important to  practice in order to seek right answers . It is mostly on guidance that your cards give you a solution to a question. Tarot has many decks but completely depends on the Healer Reader what draws to him or her. In my practice, I have seen it is very spiritual too. Each card has a specific  meaning and  anyone can learn this beautiful  art  however, practice makes a man perfect. There are many things that a reader can connect provided it is focused on. The cards give fantastic guidance but depends how much you believe and how much you don’t but if it is followed  will surely  help. There are steps while reading and these actually gives us accurate answers.

Two Types  of Reading: Question Reading  and Open Reading.

Question Reading : Is usually related to yes and no or for seeking guidance but must not be used to make any decision. Hence , the way a question is put is very important for seeking an accurate answer. Always be focused on the solution, as  it is important not to have any mind blocks related to the  solution.

Open Reading: It is always related to a larger aspects of the subject and of your life. The specific area or question can be broadly studied.

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