Spirituality and Money

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Spirituality is sacred and money is completely a different form of energy.


It is very important to understand that spirituality and money can never merge.


True spirituality is connecting self with the Divine energy within us. There are many today in our country and abroad who are trading with Spirituality but the fact is, it will stop growing after a point because there is nothing more beautiful than connecting with the Divine energy. Divine energy is not greed, not creating a mass group but to create awareness in the correct way.


It is true that we need an exchange of energy… but it must not become very expensive so that people cannot use it or effort it. Sometimes I wonder, what is being parted ‘Spiritual knowledge’ or the knowledge about ‘Money Making’?


Spiritual knowledge is Divine and can only be awaken within when one is ready for it. When we trade with true education


(Knowledge) it will only be used for that purpose to earn more money as that is the energy we are creating. To awaken spiritual wisdom within us we do need ‘Big Certificates’ as it is a piece of paper that guarantees us of what we have achieved. But have we achieved it?


Certificates are created to give us the permission to inculcate the subject.


Spirituality is not mastered in one day it needs hours of practice and dedication and focus. We cannot say one has become a ‘Master’ in the subject unless a person understands what the subject is.


It is sad that we promise to awaken something so beautiful but the fact is, it is not being parted in the correct way.


In this world whatever is material can be bought but can we truly buy Knowledge of any kind? Absolutely not. For all those who are keen to grow your spiritual knowledge please seek your teachers through instinct and not those who are selling you knowledge. it simply cannot be bought. True teachers and healers have a different energy and you can feel it even if your are many miles away.


Love n Light.



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