DORALINA CHOWDHURY is One Of The Best Reiki Healer in south Kolkata

Best Reiki Healer in south Kolkata

Our founder Guru Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan introduced it to us. ‘Rei’ means Universal in Japanese   [ Sarvavyapil] and ‘Ki ‘means Life Force/ Energy {Jeevan Shakti}. Reiki also means cosmic energy that holds us. Our physical body is an energy centre and there are seven main chakras and many minor chakras. These chakras vibrate with the cosmic energy into our aura and body. The chakras vibrate as our emotions and sickness are interlinked. The energy level or the cosmic energy decreases when chakras are not in harmony with each other. Reiki helps in maintaining the balance and harmony at maximum level, it helps us to lead a positive and healthy life.

Today, Reiki has been accepted across the Globe and it is extremely effective and simple holistic method of self healing or distant healing or group healing. Anyone can practice it after learning the process from a trained Reiki Master Teacher. The only condition is one need to practice it honestly. This Therapy is also inexpensive in comparison to medicines. Reiki can cure all chronic diseases. It also heals acute diseases too .It works wonders in post surgical recovery. Reiki is a beautiful blessing in removing stress that is the major reason for mostly all ‘Life style diseases’. Anyone who practices it can cure himself or herself of habits that can destroy the social and personal image .It helps to remove negative behaviour pattern, develops positivity and calmness. With the support of Reiki, meditation can also help in achieving internal and external balance. The beautiful part is it balances individuals at different levels. Spiritual, Mental and Physical level. It benefits the receiver and the therapist in group and in distant healing.  One feels better in terms of peace, vitality, and joy within.

This therapy can be learnt in two day seminar or class .It works in all the three areas provided it is practiced in a regular routine as mentioned above. Reiki has healed millions across the Globe in various conditions. The therapy has no negative syndrome but the only plus point is, it leaves is satisfaction and transformation.

Reiki is taught by individual Reiki Grand Master who have gained experience and have had experience in teaching. It is a sacred knowledge passed to students in the lineage. It has many different line ages but the traditional is the’ Usu’ System of Natural Healing. The important part is to learn from a good Teacher.

It benefits the learner and helps to transform the individual. It heals from within and is one of the most beautiful natural healing methods.

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