Reiki and Pregnancy

Reiki in Pregnancy

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One of the most beautiful form of natural healing that is simple and without any complications.
Reiki relaxes the healer and the one who is receiving it.
People across the globe today practice some kind of spirituality but Reiki not only improvers the Physical form but also Mental and Spiritual level.
There are many thought process, as some people mistake Reiki with negative effects on the recipient but it has nothing to do with negativity. It is only related to purity and love.This energy healing is beautiful as it has no side effects on the healer as well as the one receiving it.It has been proved time and again.

It has been seen many times that during Pregnancy Reiki reduces and clams the mother.Her chakras are balanced even though there number of hormonal changes within her.The baby is therefore always in happy and healthy hormones. The mother benefits both physically and mentally.It calms her and definitely release the anxiety and the effects of many drugs.Reiki is a boon and will always help the mother.It is a very intelligent therapy and does exactly as it is desired for.There is no ‘Negative effect on the mother or the child’.The only condition that is must is ‘Faith’ and positive attitude. If there is no faith in this beautiful therapy one must not try.Simply because,where there is no faith there is no answer and does not benefit the healer or the recipient. It is important to respect and absorb the energy with Love and Faith.

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