Karmic Relationship

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Every relationship that we come across is completely’ Karmic’ right from our birth. We choose our parents, siblings, grandparents , spouse, children and  friends before our birth. Some very strong connections are formed and hence, to learn, give, take or simply to grow  spiritually  we choose certain difficult relationships too.
Some new bonds are also formed that help us to understand and grow too. It has happened with many that the moment we meet someone the bond becomes strong from the first day and with some the entire life it is difficult no matter what we try. Why is it this way? It is simply because we need to forgive and move on in the path of life. Life is a cycle and Karma is what  you sow.. so will  you get. The best policy is ‘Forgiveness’, sometimes it is extremely difficult but as we hold on to grudges or pain it only hurts more and more. 
The best way to move on is through ‘Meditation’ and practice of ‘Attitude of Gratitude ‘. A Thank you practice  on  everyday basis as in writing clears Karma and pulls you to a different level.
We create every pattern in life and we must realise that in order to seek peace simple remedies  can create milestones in our life.
It has been proved time and again when we practice certain things in a regular process there is definitely a shift that is impossible not to happen. However, some relationships are so painful in order to seek balance it is simply best  to avoid them or move in complete different direction. But forgiveness is must or we create the similar pattern. So it is never too late to begin…Take a pen and  paper and start writing…it will surely help.
 Love n Light .

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