Reiki Products Online in Kolkata

There are many healing products that are available across but I do not feel all products are for everyone. This is mainly because all do not heal in the same process. I always recommend as per individual need and only if it is necessary. For Healing products like Crystals, Essential Oil, Aromatic Herbs are available but on one to one discussion only. Please get in touch with me so as the best can be provided for you.

Reiki Products Online in Kolkata


This is a vast therapy and each crystal has healing properties.Like ‘Rose Quart’   has healing effect on Relationship or anything related to emotions.

‘Black Tourmaline’ is used to cut negative effect of black magic or any other negative energy. It also strengths a person.

‘Amethyst’ is used for spiritual growth and concentration.It calms the mind.

Each crystal is used for some benefit but must be used correctly and kept with love n respect as it is a healing properly.All crystals are not suitable for everyone..it is said ,’What you are drawn to will heal you’ .

Reiki Products Online in Kolkata


There are many herbs in our garden and we are indeed blessed. But sadly, today number of herbs have disappeared because of Urbanization.

Some that are easily available like ‘ Bay Leaves’ Gives us protection, strength and power.

‘Cinnamon’ increases spirituality, success and draws money.

‘Cloves’ Stand for protection.

The way of using it is important and in a selected way.

Reiki Products Online in Kolkata

Candle AND Incense stick

Candle and Incense stick is extremely powerful. It creates magic. Candle has a significant with the colors too. Like White stands for peace n balance. Green for abundance and Black to remove negatively.

Incense stick creates harmony and balance, does purification and bring in peace.

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