Best Graphology Consultant in Kolkata ( DORALINA CHOWDHURY)

The science of knowing the mind through handwriting is called Graphology. One can read and understand the state of mind, psychology, nature of a person by reading his or her handwriting .It is more science and is related to our brain because every word is actually controlled by brain while writing through any instrument on paper.  A very interesting subject that can be mastered with intense practice.  Every alphabet  a person writes can depict his personality.

Graphology is actually a very old science that was first seen is ancient Chinese society some 3000 years ago. It later on spread to Rome and other parts of the world. It gradually got a new look  by Abb Michon in the France  who defined the key aspect of science in the year 1870, after extensive study for 30 years. His contribution became the frame work for modern graphology. However, it is even today studied and expanded widely.

Best Graphology Consultant in Kolkata


Graphology is  highly respectful and appreciated by many because it gives high level positive result. How a person writes like the slants, strokes, pressure, side of  the paper, size of alphabets etc gives  a  clear picture what is running in his or her mind. Professional Graphologists are quite strict and maintain  strong ethics as it is a highly demandable  and a useful tool to seek answers.

It helps in many areas like Employment Profiling, Psychological Analysis, Marital Compatibility and the most controversial area is the Medical diagnosis . It is however, not practiced  in many countries to understand the state of medical health of an individual.

Grapho -therapy is pseudoscience of changing an individual’s handwriting with the goal of changing the personality.

Till date it has helped many across the Globe and made our world a better place. This science is unique and  is beautiful as it also cured many without  any negative effect.

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