Best Reiki Training Centre in Kolkata for Candle Reiki

Candle Reiki is a fantastic method of natural healing . Although, it is not directly under the Traditional system but the process is quite similar. However, one cannot learn Candle Reiki if traditional system is not attained. No one has the right knowledge about how it has come into practice but the healing is extremely quick and very effective. The process is very simple and can be taught in a span of one day .The energy is extremely strong and beautiful. Very few Masters teach this method of healing as it is rarely known to many. Reiki upgrades an individual soul and the person vibrates in a different frequency. Candle Reiki creates a feeling of peace and satisfaction on performing it.

Candle Reiki is usually taught with’ Karuna Reiki’ as these two amalgamates in a beautiful form but it is not must to do it together. Candle Reiki has its own set of symbols.  Candle and Karuna together expedite the healing process. Candle Reiki has few norms that needs to be followed .Candle must be bought that is colour specific relating to the healing matter. Secondly, the oil used for ‘ dressing ‘the candle must not be artificial .Candle Reiki Therapist can do healing with Candles, ‘Dhup’,  by burning Sage or with’ Dhuni’ with a pure intention.

There has been number of healings that has been done easily because the beautiful part is, it is very fast. We can also charge our Home, Office and other areas with Candle Reiki to remove negative energy and create positivity. It is also seen that healing a person with Candle energy responds faster as the healing passes through Ether and cures many stored energy from within.

Best Reiki Training Centre in Kolkata

Candle Reiki is one of the best way of healing as it is calm and benefits both the healer and the one who is healed. It can be done for anyone including Animals, Birds, Mother Earth and Plants. It is also seen anything that is stuck for long time can be gained  in a positive result within a short span of time due to the magic of Candle Reiki healing. Candle Reiki healing when done with a pure programming and dressing the candle simply creates magic. It is not wise to snuff off the candle when we have started the healing process. Candles have meaning as per the colour. Some are mentioned below.

White: Purity, Protection and usually all purpose.

Yellow: Balance the centre of the body, heals skin, digestive system and happiness.

Pink: Love, sympathy. For emotional and relationship healing

Green: Stands for harmony and healing for breathing problem.

Red: Stands for passion and strength.

Orange: Stands for fertility and creative talent.

Blue: Knowledge and Communication. Cure for Liver related healing.

Black: Protection from evil eyes.

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