DORALINA CHOWDHURY Best Angel therapist in South Kolkata

Angel Card Reading

It is a beautiful and soft method of non denominational spiritual healing. It is believed to have originated from the Gypsies long time ago. Today it has  got  acceptance in mostly all sections of society. It  has an  extremely gentle and peaceful  form of energy associated  with it. Today, we know it better as it has been designed in our  modern world by Angel Guru Dr. Doreen Virtue . She has created number of programs for all those who wish to be Angel Therapy practitioners.

Best Angel therapist in South Kolkata

Who Can Learn?

We are actually all blessed with healing energy but it depends on an individual how one uses it. Any one into spiritual healing can learn it. There are many who are strong Clairvoyance and it is important as a healer to be sensitive towards a client. This is when one can becomes a unique reader. Angel healing is all about knowing about Angelic Realm and  about different Angels, Arc Angels, Earth Angels, Guardian Angels and other Angels and how they help us. They are beings of ‘Light’ and always ready to help us whenever we invoke them.

As we gradually learn about Angels we learn how they help us and the way they care about everything that they do. They help us in every situation no matter how trivial the situation or problem  is. The only condition is  we must request them and have faith. The best is always done.

Angel Therapy is vast there are number of things to learn .There are many ways Angels communicate with us. The more we interact the better the vibrations are felt. We become more confident in dealing with number of difficult situations too. There is a feeling of peace and tranquillity .

In India it has also gained its popularity across the country. There are many individual Angel Card Teachers and it really benefits on a regular practice. But it is important to always learn from a correct source.

What is Taught?

In a class it is important to be introduced to number of Angels and how they help us. Prayers to invoke them. The way they communicate with us and all about the magical world of Angel Ream.

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