DORALINA CHOWDHURY is the Best Reiki Grand Master in Kolkata

Reiki Grand Master in Kolkata
Reiki Grand Master in Kolkata

Doralina Chowdhury is from  the  Eastern part of India born in Kollkata, ‘City of Joy’ and has grown very close to nature as her father was stationed in Guwahati and later in the foothills of Siliguri in Bengal. Her roots have been very strong as she belongs to a family where Love and respect was the core of it. Due to her grandmother she has grown with lovely family values. Her Mother, Father and Sister and few people have played a pivotal role.

She moved to Kolkata in the year 2003 and have been with some very good corporate but deep within her she always knew that she has come to this Planet for something different since her childhood she has been keen in subjects like Astrology and Occult Science. In the Year 2007 she got introduced to Reiki by her close friend from Kolkata. In the year 2010 she did her First Reiki Level from Grand Master Aamar Kumar (Usui System). One year later she did her Second Level from Grand Master Mrs .Maanit Kaur Arora (Usui System). There-after has been no looking back she did Karuna Reiki, Candle Reiki. She is also a trained Tarot and Graphologist. She is now associated with a new venture in Kolkata ‘Iinerstrength’. She also practices Lotus Sutra. She is also trained in Angel Card reading and enjoys it  as much as Tarot.

Doralina plans to write a book one day relating to Reiki and how it has helped her touch what she always desired within. Her first client professionally as a Reiki healer was Dr. Amrik Singh Arora. ‘Oh!! What a beautiful soul’ she says.’ I will never forget the look in his eyes the first day I met him Gratitude is what I felt’. She has done number of healings after that.

Doralina has always been guided by her mentor and she got her Grand Masters degree in the year 2016 August. The highest degree in Reiki. Today when she has her own Team of Reiki healers from across our country. She has created Masters and a team who are passionate as her. There is a group where healing is done free for people for 11 days. She also created a group for people across the country on’ Affirmations’. Her aim is to reach as many people as she can in relation to teaching and healing because she believes ‘The Power is within us’ and whatever we want to make or break, it is only because we desire to do so. The more your believe’ You Can,’ you will achieve what you desire. Sooner the better as it is what you desire that is what matters most.

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